2'x3' Hand Made Carpet YWX015A2x3



SKU: YWX015A2x3

Size: 2'x 3'- 61x91cm

Material: Silk 

Quality: 230L / 367kpsi / 569410knots / sq.m.

Crafts: 100% Hand Knotted

Producer: Yilong Carpet Factory

Shipping: Free to worldwide; Door to door service



The handmade carpet is made of natural silk. Better yet ,the silk yarns are dyed by using natural plant mineral raw material. Therefore , the 

hand-woven silk carpet from Yilong Carpet is no smell, no mildew, rejected chemical adhesives, and environmentally safe without allergies.

Fit for: bedroom, living room, study room, kitchen, dining area, hallway, gallery, corridor, porch, office etc. …

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