Brief Introduction for Our Handmade Silk Carpet Series

Release date: 2019-02-15

Our customers often ask me, what kind of carpets do you have? How can I choose my favorite handmade carpet? Today, I will give you a brief introduction to all of our carpet series and customer selection guide.

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For our handmade carpet, depending on the material and pattern style, can be divided into four series as follows:


Handmade silk carpet series

Handmade wool carpet series

Art deco silk carpet series

Art deco wool carpet series


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Handmade silk carpet series is our old product for more than 30 years, all of our handmade carpets exported are all in this series. The feature of this series is that, the carpet style is Persian and Turkish. If you have been to the carpet market in Iran or Turkey, the carpet you saw, there must be a product in this series.


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Some of this carpets are customized order, some a part of the original Chinese design. In fact, we also produce a part of secret pattern. The secret pattern is that customer provide patterns, we process and weaving. After exporting, sold by the merchant's own brand. The brand is foreigner, but the product is made in China, we cannot sell it publicly.


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Whether it is customized order or original pattern by ourselves, they are designed around the motifs of Persian rugs and Turkish rugs.


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All of our online stores, this series handmade silk carpets are not complete. Because we have a few thousand different size and design, it’s impossible to go all the way to the store all at once. So if you want to buy this series, You can communicate with our sales manager directly.


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