How to maintain your Hand knotted silk rugs?

Release date: 2019-02-22

The craft of silk carpet is hand-knotted, so it is more durable. We often tell customers that you can use at least 50 years, but in fact, if it is properly maintained, it will be no problem to use 100 years. The antique carpet, which is also more than 100 years old, so it called - antique carpet.


First, the wrinkles. When we deliver the carpets to the customer, If the carpet size is large, it willbe fold up. This will lead to wrinkles on the carpet surface, which is very unattractive. Some customers, including some foreigners, are very dissatisfied, saying that the quality of our silk carpet is not good enough.


Attention: wrinkles are not quality problems! Wrinkles will disappear with time. After receiving the carpet, if you don't hurry, you can roll up the carpet and put it for one day. Next day the wrinkles will disappear and you can lay them up. If you're in a hurry, you can iron the carpet with an electric iron or a hanging iron, and the wrinkles will disappear, and then you can re-lay them after ironing. Of course, there is no problem with direct paving. For a long time, the wrinkles will disappear.




Second, just step on it. Some people said that the silk carpet should not be placed in family overcrowded place, and they are afraid of stepping on them. Silk carpets are not afraid of stepping on them. They can be used anywhere in your home. The only reason for fear of stepping is that silk carpet is expensive. Some friends may feel that it is a pity to step on it. However, the carpet itself is used to step on it. It is not necessary to have this idea.


If you buy a silk carpet at home, but you are afraid of stepping on it, you can suggest your family and visiting friends to take off your shoes. This way not only prevents the carpet from being stepped on, but also can feels the unusual touch of the silk carpet. It is also very good.




Third, not afraid of insects. As we all know, silk is a protein fiber, an edible fiber, and it is true that insects like to eat. However, as long as the silk carpet is used in the home everyday, it will not produce insects, because the carpet is spread out, and the home is ventilated, the insects do not like this growing environment, 100% will not produce insects.




Fourth, change the direction. Generally speaking, in the process of using silk carpets, it is necessary to change the direction of the carpet after a period of time, because we will have habitually stepped areas when walking at home, so after the carpet is used for a period of time, it is usually recommended change the direction to make the fluff evenly and extend the life of the carpet for half a year.




Fifth, vacuuming. At ordinary times, you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet surface, try to follow the direction of the fuzz, but don't suck the carpet fringe .We usually suck before shipping, not for dust removal. It is because there are too many carpets in our exhibition hall, and there will be scattered fine wool on the carpet surface.


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